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Woodcut Prints

Since I arrived in Germany in 2015 I started to do some woodcuts, I guess that being in the land of my ancestors and getting in touch with the german expressionist paintings which I always admired, brought me to it.

After attending a course in japanese woodcut technique (mokuhanga) in Berlin by Eva Pietzker, I am dedicating most of my time to this fascinating technique.

The image is cut in a woodblock (linden being the most common) with different japanese knives. Afterwards watercolor is brushed onto the block and the image is printed on japanese hand made paper, with a handheld baren.

The prints are finally numbered (usualy editions up to 20) and signed. After this the woodblock is destroyed.

Prices for this prints are between 30 and 150 euros depending on size and edition. Please contact me for further information.


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